new tape: AKTION NO 1

irs is in the new AKTION NO 1 c23 tape with other 4 acts from Rome, Italy:

The tape is produced by ANGST / Scorze Records / Suicideautoproduzioni in 
# 111 copies with handmade collage inlay + 1 cardboard card 

Recorded live @ Dal Verme, 28th february 2014


irs "020.0" tape

New irs 020.0 album is out today.
c32 tape ltd to #50 copies.
In a poor-arty cover, an inlay and scraps of life.

Side A: 020.0
Side B: ltr

Recorded in 2014 by Nicola and Dario.

Produced by Suicide autop.
Rome, summer '14.

An endless end not coming.

Split w/Compoundead out for Angst rec./Scorze rec.

Split with COMPOUNDEAD under Angst rec. / Scorze rec. out now. #50 handnumbered copies, c40.
Noisy, experimental & fields from Rome, Italy.
Here the audio excerpts:

Two live recordings @ Dal Verme in Rome, Italy.
Side A: COMPOUNDEAD - Untitled. Recorded 1 Mar 2014 by Gabriele M. (second day of "Roma La Drona" noise fest).
Side B: IRS - mmnt. Recorded 25 Feb 2014 by Lorenzo G. (autocancrena + Urna + IRS gig).
Cover picture by Ilaria D.
Artwork & layout by Antonio O.

IRS @ Glue Lab, Ancona

IRS al Glue Lab di Ancona il 22 dicembre: grazie a tutti i compagni di viaggio e alle tante persone incredibili conosciute.

Qui il bel report di Michele Giorgi: